GMT 16/12/2017 12:39

ISIF Intelligent Fitness Clubs is a system of measures designed to improve the welfare of people around the world.

In the ISIF clubs program you can find a variety of development activities, such as: Days of Intelligent Fitness or Days of Body Fitness.

Today and every week ISIF Clubs are visited by thousands of people around the world. Teachers at the ISIF School have created a system of 10 video trainings for the intellectual training days on topics of personal growth, business and personal finance management for members of club meetings.

Within the Club members have the opportunity to play the fantastic game CashFlow, created by world-renowned entrepreneur and trainer Robert Kiyosaki.

As permanent members of ISIF Clubs you will get access to a unique ISIF test through which you can evaluate the level of your skills and abilities, as well as receiving clear guidance on your development.

In addition, during the Days of Body Fitness participants play team games, participate in marathons, do yoga, Pilates and other active sports.

We are pleased that ISIF Independent Representatives and Leaders are seeking to become ISIF top-notch coaches and make a big contribution to raising the level of freedom, health and welfare of every person on Earth.

We are proud of the Leaders of ISIF Clubs!