GMT 16/12/2017 12:42

Alex Mochalov
Moscow, Russia


We are the Mochalov family. Until recently, our lives were pretty ordinary. They in no way stood out from the lives of most people. When I think of our family then, that classic line from "Anna Karenina" comes to mind, slightly rephrased: "All ordinary families are happy in the same way. Truly happy families are happy in their own way." We are indeed happy in our own way now! We no longer dream of important titles and yearly vacations form work, of bonuses or a commuter fee.

But things were quite different not too long ago…

About 15 years ago, Alexander got his first job as a system administration in a bank in Tashkent. Later he worked in a branch of the Coca Cola Company in Uzbekistan, where in six years he worked his way up from analysts to regional sales director. After we moved to Moscow in 2004, Alexander worked as a sales director in several large companies.

Lada worked in the tourism business. She started out as an assistant to a manager and ended up a director of sales.

We went through life as we were taught to, just like everyone else. But we found we never had enough time — not for ourselves or for our family. We spent more and more of our time and energy on work. Stress and fatigue became an all too familiar feature of our everyday lives. Finally, one day we realized we needed a source of unearned income — money we could keep making from work that we did just once. And if you want to be free, you have to learn from others who already are! It wouldn’t have been enough for us to earn even 2–3 times more. This still would not give us the freedom and independence we craved.

In June of 2007 we decided to abandon our successful careers and learn how to develop our own business through an MLM company. We sponsored a few partners who shared our outlook on life. They wanted to take charge of their lives and develop. We are grateful that fate brought us to these kindred spirits, our new friends.

The main advantage of working with ISIF is the SYSTEM. Neither we, nor our team have to spend time chasing down sales or sponsoring people. ISIF has created wonderful instruments that bring people who want to know more about our business to us.

In short, at ISIF we found everything we need to make business simple and reproducible; everything we need to build a business worth several million dollars; everything we need to become the masters of our lives.

Best wishes for success,
The Mochalov Family