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Success Stories

Алекс Мочалов

Konstantin Nikulin and Yulia Nikulina

At ISIF we discovered a special world filled with successful people! We were given the opportunity to learn from leaders and the best teachers in the world!

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With the power of our business Independent
Representatives change their lives and the lives
of others around the world.

Now this opportunity is offered to you!

Business with ISIF has:

  • Minimum investment
  • Generous benefits
  • Free schedule
  • Step by step learning
  • Proven business model

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Are you ready to live a rich and interesting life?

Then you're ready for ISIF.

As an Independent ISIF Representative, you can:

  • Create an additional or primary source of income
  • Spend more time with friends and family
  • Work at home, on vacation or anywhere else
  • Help people to improve their standard of living, to live a healthy and active life

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